Can I reboot my system for better sleep?

Q:  I’ve had insomnia off and on for several years now.  Is there a way for me to “reboot” my sleep system so I can consistently sleep better and awaken more refreshed?

A:  Yes, there are effective ways to in effect reboot your sleep system and get a fresh new start.  But first, it’s a good idea to get a checkup from your doctor if you haven’t had one recently.  That way you can either treat or rule out a medical problem causing your insomnia.

But don’t be surprised if your doctor finds no identifiable medical problem.  In that case, you likely have what’s known as primary insomnia, the most common type, which has no true medical basis.  Primary insomnia is typically caused by some nonmedical combination of bad sleep habits and excessive worry about the idea of sleep.

With primary insomnia, there are ways to “reboot” your sleep system that are effective.  Just don’t expect them to work as fast as you can reboot your computer.

The best nonmedical methods to restore and recover better sleep are contained in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) specifically designed for insomnia.  CBT is the standard of care recommended by the American Academy of  Sleep Medicine.  These methods are drug-free.  CBT enables you to practice better sleep habits and constructively deal with the negative thought patterns that typically fuel insomnia.

CBT methods generally take several weeks to learn and produce results, but the benefits tend to be permanent.  These methods help most people who try them, and many become normal sleepers again.

You can learn CBT from a number of sources, including sleep doctors, counselors, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals.

If you are the self-help type, you will find many CBT resources, ranging from books to online programs that are interactive and affordable.

So yes, by using CBT methods be confident you can help yourself sleep better permanently, and without the need for sleeping pills.

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