Tired of not being able to sleep


Q:  I’m tired of not being able to sleep.  Seems I stay awake for days at a time, this is gets really old after awhile.  Any advice?

A:  You might be surprised to learn you’re already on the right track to making this better.  Tired is really what you want — because tired is what helps you sleep!

In other words, if you make a concerted effort every day to tire yourself out — both physically and mentally — that most definitely will help you sleep better at night.

For many of us though, tired sometimes isn’t enough.  One of the most frustrating aspects of insomnia is the “tired but wired” syndrome — the awful feeling of absolute exhaustion combined with the inability to sleep.

The tired-but-wired syndrome can result when distorted thoughts and beliefs get mixed into insomnia, thoughts such as “I stay awake for days at a time”.

Do you really?  Do you not even lie down for a little while in the middle of the night with your eyes closed?

If you examine that idea closely, it’s highly likely you’ll realize this is in fact an exaggeration, a false and inaccurate belief that may in fact be fueling your insomnia.   This actually is very common among insomniacs.

Most of us experience what’s known as sleep state misperception, meaning we actually are asleep for a significant amount of time but don’t know it.  This is because we are, well, asleep, and just don’t realize it.  Somehow all we remember from the previous night are all the negatives.  The frustration and aggravation of tossing and turning for what seems like hours at a time can be a potent fuel for insomnia.

Yet we often give no credit at all to whatever actual shuteye we do get.

If you were turn that belief around and view this more objectively and accurately, if you were to credit yourself for whatever actual sleep you did get, your more realistic and accurate attitude might work to help reduce some of the stress you likely associate with the idea of sleep.

Taking more of a realistic view is an excellent way to help reduce the self-imposed pressure we often inadvertently put on ourselves.  And doing so turns out to be one of the very best ways to achieve better sleep permanently.

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