About the Sleep Training System

Insomnia is truly a silent epidemic.  By the time we reach 60, roughly half of us experience problems with sleep.

Although comprehensive survey data is limited, the numbers indicate only a relatively small minority of those with insomnia have an identifiable medical problem such as obstructive sleep apnea, or a psychiatric condition such as clinical depression that interferes with sleep.

This suggests the majority of us with insomnia have no associated medical or psychiatric issue.  Many experts conclude the sleeping problems experienced by millions of otherwise normal people likely stem from some combination of bad sleep habits and excessive worry about the idea of sleep.

It’s surprisingly easy to fall victim to bad sleep habits and excessive worry about sleep.  Many of us unwittingly become entrapped in a negative and self-imposed cycle of insomnia from which it can be difficult to escape.  Mood, energy, and daytime performance suffer as a result.

Many suffer silently.  Some suffer for years, even decades.  Restless nights, constant tiredness, fatigue become their norm.  Many simply don’t know what to do, don’t know where to turn for help.

Others are sold, through relentless advertising by big pharmaceutical companies, a promise of sweet dreams through a pill.  The sad part about this approach is that for many people sleeping pills likely only address the symptom and not the true roots of the problem.  Pill-takers risk drug dependency, physical and psychological, and the true underlying problem unfortunately remains untreated.

There are better ways.  That’s the purpose of the Sleep Training System (STS).

The STS is intended to get to the real roots of the problem.  It is a plain language training program that is straightforward and effective for better sleep – consistently, safely, permanently, and without the use of drugs.

It’s as simple as that.

The STS incorporates methods comparable to those used in top sleep clinics throughout the world.  Many of these methods are derived from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) applied specifically to insomnia.

CBT is widely used for one very simple reason:  it works.  When applied to sleep improvement, CBT’s value has been proven repeatedly in clinical settings around the world.

This program is also unique, different than any other method of improving sleep.

Here’s why:  the STS delivers CBT within an easily understandable and efficient framework of understanding.  This user-friendly framework is based on the principles and methodology of human performance training similar to that used by business and adult learning organizations.

The concepts in the STS are not especially complicated; as presented they are in fact straightforward for most people to comprehend and apply.  The methods are applicable to practically everyone in situations where counterproductive behaviors and self-limiting thoughts about sleep are habitually learned or conditioned over time.

The STS offers a precise, simple, and effective approach to better sleeping.  The program distills the science and the psychology down to a very direct and clear method for you to become a better sleeper now, and for the rest of your life.

If you have been experiencing sleep problems, this is an opportunity to rediscover the profound benefit of a good night’s sleep on your daytime performance, personal happiness, and overall health.

For more, visit the Sleep Training System website: www.sleeptrainingsystem.com

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